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You'll be surprised at how much you can turn back the clock on your own — without stepping near a plastic surgeon's office, or spending a fortune on expensive beauty products. Just take a look...

  • Common makeup mistakes that make you look older.
  • How to have fuller, sexier lips — without painful injections.
  • Delicious, nutritious foods that protect your face from wrinkles.
  • Take years off your looks with the right hair color.
  • Rejuvenate your diet — and your looks!
  • Burn 3x more fat in half the time — with intervals! Takes only 20 minutes!
  • Sharpen your thinking with lively music — research proves it!
  • 7 stress-busting tips guaranteed to keep you cool and calm.
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New scientific studies have uncovered 43 age-defying products that make you look and feel your beautiful best!

Now you can look and feel slim, sexy, radiant and confident no matter what your age. Good Housekeeping just wrote the book on anti-aging and now we're revealing our secrets in 7 Years Younger.

What really works and what doesn't.

This brand-new program brings you the most effective anti-aging techniques and beauty products available today. We know they work, because the Good Housekeeping Research Institute put 400 products through more than 5,000 rigorous lab tests over 2 years. Only the very best are recommended in 7 Years Younger.

We also tested the program on real women. The results were fantastic, with one panelist losing 12 pounds, another shedding 10 inches from her waist, and yet another showing off her newly-radiant skin and confidence.

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With this proven, focused plan, you'll:

  • Soften wrinkles and smooth your skin without surgery, painful injections, or expensive creams.
  • Fade away age spots faster! Hyroquinone is the most effective over-the-counter skin lightener. Speed up your results by adding a dab of this common cream on page 31.
  • Sculpt your body double-time with bands! More versatile than machines, bands provide resistance in both directions. See our easy, step-by-step routine on page 189
  • Take your eyelashes from droopy to drop-dead gorgeous with the little-known make-up trick on page 82.
  • Train your brain to think younger! You'll be amazed how much better you'll remember names and faces, with the 5 tips on page 218.
  • Feast on 130 delicious, youth-boosting recipes.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show
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7 Years Younger Weight Loss Made Easy

Your FREE GIFT #1 reveals easy new ways to slim down with dozens of scientifically-proven strategies that really work. For example:

  • Walk off chocolate cravings in 15 minutes — new study proves it on page 17.
  • Sip away 5 pounds easily with the refreshing beverage on page 3.
  • Eat carbs without gaining weight. Enjoy generous servings of these delicious, filling foods on page 5.
  • Get fit in 15 minutes! This easy, do-anywhere plan sculpts sexy curves and gets your heart pumping. No gym required! Page 10.
  • If working out leaves you sore, try eating some ginger. Studies show the spice functions like an anti-inflammatory. Details on page 12.
  • "Write-off" the pounds with a food diary! Studies show that a journal can turbo-charge your weight loss, and we'll show you how easy it is on page 19.
  • Eating out? Pick these low-cal menu options from popular restaurants. Page 7.
7 Years Younger Food Lover's Cookbook

You can never have too many quick, healthy, delicious recipes. That's why you're going to love Food Lover's Cookbook, your FREE GIFT #2. Just wait until you taste...

  • Maple-Walnut Chicken: An amazing glaze of maple syrup adds sweetness, while spinach and walnuts deliver antioxidants.
  • Seared Steak with Minted Watermelon: An inventive and totally irresistible recipe that also boosts your health.
  • Creamy-rich Shells with Goat Cheese & Walnuts preps up in 10 minutes! Save a little of the pasta cooking water — it helps add moisture to your sauce without watering down its flavor.
  • Roasted Shrimp & Orzo: The delicious Mediterranean flavors provide more than half your daily fiber, which helps keep hunger pangs at bay.

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts cook more quickly and evenly if they are pounded to a uniform thickness. With the foolproof directions on page 3, you don't even need a special tool!

7 Years Younger Make Lust Last

Want to rekindle the spark in your marriage? YOUR FREE GIFT #3 is chock-full of smart and sexy advice, such as:

  • Don't miss out on romance just because you're busy! Stay in touch by texting or e-mailing each other little notes. You'll discover lots of clever little ways to share warm-and-fuzzy feelings — no matter how busy your day. Page 4.
  • Boost your love life: We asked Good Housekeeping readers how they kept the spark alive in their marriages. Their answers on page 11 will surprise you — and give you some romantic ideas.
  • Take your sex life from ho-hum to HOT! Enjoy better sex — more often with these tips and tricks guaranteed to steam things up.
  • 5 foreplay secrets that keep the flame ablaze and make both of you feel a whole lot lustier. Page 18.
  • How to fight fair so your marriage doesn't suffer. Real-life solutions that help you break the bickering cycle so you can refocus your energy on happiness. Page 10.
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