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Drop 5 lbs makes losing weight easier than ever! You'll discover hundreds of ingenious little ways to save calories and lose weight gradually with very little effort.

Lose 5 pounds eating French fries! Instead of fast food fries once a week, just follow this easy recipe for hearty, satisfying fries. You’ll save 355 calories! See PAGE 44.

Lose 7 pounds while eating candy! The key is HOW you eat it. PAGE 127 gives you easy instructions that still allow you to enjoy!

Lose 10 more pounds this year at breakfast! Just take about 10 minutes in the morning to change how you eat breakfast, and the pounds will gradually come off! See PAGE 38.

It all starts with easy little changes, like tweaking a family recipe with a healthier, Good Housekeeping triple-tested version from Drop 5 lbs... changing your order slightly when you go to your favorite restaurant… or replacing the food you have in your pantry with healthier choices to eliminate temptation.

With these little tweaks, you’ll start to see BIG results! You'll lose about 5 pounds in just 1 month. Want to lose more? Just keep going – 5 easy pounds at a time! With the expert tips and support of Drop 5 lbs, you’ll outsmart fat and lose weight more easily than you ever have before!

Drop 5 lbs includes a handy food diary you can use to monitor your intake... make clever food switches... avoid temptation... and discover ingenious ways to cut calories with virtually no sacrifice!

With Drop 5 lbs, you’ll discover how to lose weight the way that works best for YOU! With the help of the Good Housekeeping editors, you'll identify the bad habits
that prevent you from losing weight, then transform those weaknesses into strengths
— so you can lose weight faster and easier than ever before! For example...

If you're a Liquid Calorie Lover who gets extra calories from drinks, you’ll discover easy replacements that still satisfy – like the homemade Café au Lait that can save you 270 calories compared with Starbucks! That equals 4 pounds a year for each day of the week you drink it! See PAGE 42.

If you're a Junk Food Junkie, you fill up on empty calories from treats. But with Drop 5 lbs, you can still have the treats – and still lose weight! Like the Angel Berry Shortcake that saves you 295 calories.

If you're an Emotional Eater and food is your friend and comfort, you’ll discover the secret to help you cut out 6 extra bites that you probably eat (without even thinking!) every day. At around 25 calories per bite on average, that equals a whopping 15 pounds a year! See PAGE 64 for details.

Just imagine making a few small changes to your routine… and losing 5 pounds every month for the next 6 months! That's 30 pounds total! Now stop imagining and start doing — because that's exactly what’s about to happen!

In Good Housekeeping’s Drop 5 lbs, you'll discover ingenious ways to outsmart fat — by making small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle that'll save you hundreds of calories every day. You can lose about 5 pounds in a month. Want to lose more? Just keep going — 5 easy pounds at a time!

Which would you choose at Burger King — the Garden Salad with Ken's Honey Mustard Dressing or the Value-Size Onion Rings? Surprise! The onion rings will save you 190 calories! If you hit Burger King once a week, that one simple change alone could help you lose almost 3 pounds next year!

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  • Avoid the hidden calories in foods that you don’t even know you're eating
  • Make quick, clever food substitutions to cut calories without sacrifice
  • Identify your bad habits and eating type, so you can learn personalized weight-loss strategies that work for you
  • Transform your favorite home-cooked meals using healthy, triple-tested recipes from the Good Housekeeping test kitchens
  • Shop smarter — and stock your refrigerator and pantry for weight-loss success
  • Eat out at your favorite restaurants — and still lose weighty
  • Enjoy desserts and even candy without wrecking your weight-loss goals
  • And much more!

With Drop 5 lbs, you’ll learn the secrets to safe, healthy weight-loss that lasts. Because you’re losing weight without extreme dieting or sacrifice, you’ll be more likely to keep the weight off for years to come. You’ll also see how to easily increase your activity level to burn even more fat. You’ll become an inspiration for others and an example for your family as you help them learn to adopt healthy habits for life.

Think it's impossible to eat healthy and still enjoy the
satisfying flavor of your favorite foods? Think again!

With Light & Delish: 400 Calories or Less!, you can enjoy tempting appetizers, satisfying meals, and out-of-this-world desserts that are all an incredible 400 calories or less! All 138 recipes have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested by the editors of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Country Living.

This incredible Gnocchi with Tomato, Sausage, and Basil is a total crowd pleaser — but only 379 calories per serving!
PAGE 43.

Just 260 calories! This is just part of the many flavors from around the world you can enjoy — Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and much more!
PAGE 70.

Better taste than you'd find in a fine restaurant, but only 205 calories per serving as prepared.
See PAGE 89.

A decadent breakfast with only 360 calories per serving!
Recipe, PAGE 19.

And Many More! You'll get recipes for meals kids love, family favorites, and comfort foods, plus time - and
calorie-saving tips, the 18 foods that fight fat, and more! All recipes are easy to make, using common
ingredients, and many are ready to eat in just 30 minutes or less!

In Drop 5 lbs, the breakthrough book from the editors of Good Housekeeping, you'll get ingenious tips that help you lose weight easily — in personalized ways that work for you! You'll discover how to:

  • Cut calories without sacrifice
  • Make quick & easy food substitutions
  • Turn your bad habits into weight-loss strengths
  • Use personalized tips for your eating style to lose weight easier
  • Make home-cooked meals more healthy
  • Enjoy dinner out and even dessert — while still saving calories.
  • Shop smarter for weight-loss success
  • 270 pages, paperback
  • And much more!

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