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The Cosmo Bikini Diet is the amazing new plan experts have nicknamed the “pleasure diet”
because you drop pounds without giving up your fun, like cocktails with the girls or chocolate, or other decadent treats! What’s more, you’ll get moves that get your butt, arms, abs, and thighs bikini ready—fast! Plus, you’ll find out how sex not only turns you on, but slims you down too.

The Cosmo Bikini Diet arms you with everything you need to rock a bikini bod…

  • Flexible, real-world meals and
    —this is not a painful-to-follow,
    starve-yourself diet—because that’s not
    fun or sexy. Instead you’ll see why
    snacking is a must (not snacking can
    actually puff up the muffin top!), how
    creamy yogurt can help melt fat, and
    which carbs destroy ab flab!
  • Hot and Healthy workouts that fit
    into the busiest schedules
    —and you
    never have to hit the gym! You tighten and
    tone your body in less time with quick,
    interval workouts. You only exercise a max of
    3 hours each week—and some days just
    21 short minutes.
  • Step-by-step illustrated moves
    from celeb trainer Tracy Anderson (think:
    Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham) that
    sculpt your booty, thighs, arms, and abs in
    just 6 minutes! Bonus: You only need to do
    them twice a week—for real!
  • Explosive, fat-blasting
    cardio routines
    from the
    trainers that keep Katie Holmes,
    Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Biel
    paparazzi perfect! (Including the
    workout secret that puts your body
    into fat-burning mode all day long!)
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Now you can sculpt a lean, hot, body in just minutes a day, with the proven secrets in The Cosmo Bikini Diet!
FAT melts belly fat!

Who knew? If you want to burn more fat (and hey, who doesn’t?) then get your morning MUFAs (monounsaturated fats). Eating fat on an empty stomach means that fat gets burned as energy instead of stored around your middle.

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What makes The Cosmo Bikini Diet fun?

How about totally flexible meals and menus? A diet day off every week where you get to indulge and workouts as short as 21 minutes!

The Cosmo Bikini Diet will show you how to use food to crank up your metabolism and destroy fat, like how to…

  • Melt off that muffin top by adding this to your exercise routine. Works whether you walk, bike, run, or swim.
  • Burn 20% more fat with this exercise secret.
  • Slim down happy hour with Cosmo’s best skinny drink picks. You’ll enjoy the night out and keep it light!
  • Chow down on carbs to get rid of the jiggle around your middle! Our faves on page 88.
  • Tone trouble spots —like jelly thighs and saggy booty fast—just 12 minutes a week!
  • Melt away belly fat with chocolate!
  • Derail cravings for unhealthy carbs with S-E-X!
  • Send your metabolism into overdrive to burn up calories!
  • Banish bra fat and say hello to a sexier chest, back, and shoulders… The move you need to do now!
  • Choose breakfast foods that keep you full till lunchtime! (BONUS: They’ll save you enough money to get a new bikini body wardrobe!)
  • Flab-melting food that lets you eat up to 200 extra calories a day and still lose weight! And it’s yum!
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The Ultimate Confessions Collection

Ever felt so mortified by a situation you just wanted to run and hide? You’re not alone! In this cheek-burning guide girls and guys divulge their most awkward moments ever, like the girl who…

  • put on her sexiest lingerie and welcomed her husband at the door—only he was with a colleague…
  • warns an old classmate about a loser guy who turns out to be the girl’s fiancée!
  • accidentally flashes her boyfriend’s dad at a family pool party!

And it doesn’t just happen to girls. These guys admit…

  • flashing his sister’s friends while running to get a post-shower towel
  • offering a date a spare condom instead of a tissue
  • dumping sangria all over his girlfriend’s family

Plus, quizzes that reveal how competitive you are, if you’re self-obsessed, and if you're living up to your full potential.

Understand Your Man Like Never Before

When it comes to guys, you need a whole new playbook to figure out what he’s really thinking. This revealing guide includes the Cosmo Sexicon where you’ll discover new terms like whipdar and invertebros! Plus, you’ll discover:

  • How to handle the “resurfacing guy.” You know the guy who disappears after a few great dates and then suddenly texts a month later…
  • 3 reasons guys pull away—and what you should do in each situation
  • Crucial signs your FWB is actually BF material
  • 3-step plan for having the “what are we” talk
  • Date night moves guys HOPE you’ll try—and 4 topics that are total date buzzkills
  • How to read between the lines of his texts and know what he’s really thinking
  • If his drunken “I love you” was legit or just the booze talking
  • Plus how to decode everything about him from his social media status…
  • And so much more!

Your Bikini Body Boosters

Score a bikini body in record time while you indulge in yummy treats like Spicy Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs, Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut bread, and our favorite cocktails—think: Piña Colada—and still lose weight! Plus, uncover our best diet tips and tricks, like:

  • Burn 50% more at the gym simply by pressing your treadmill’s magic button
  • The spice that cranks up your calorie burn
  • Breakfast-in-bed menu that recharges you for round two
  • 5 best songs to run to because you’ll work to keep up with the tempo
  • How to trick yourself into eating better
  • 3 tips for making a tasty (and healthy) bowl of guacamole
  • Fastest way to peel garlic
  • Belly-flattening tea
  • And so much more!
The Cosmo Bikini Diet
All New from the editors of Cosmopolitan
Rock a Slim, Sexy Bikini Body and Get Kick-Butt Confident when you try The Cosmo Bikini Diet today!
  • Real world eating plans
    let you splurge—and still
    drop pounds
  • Workouts that blast fat
    in 30 minutes or less
  • Easy 6-minute,
    body-sculpting tricks
  • Use SEX to get SLIM
  • Fat-torching foods
    and recipes
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