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Popular Mechanics helps you master the modern world, presenting trusted information about your home, your car, your technology and the world around you With tool tests, building projects, car reviews and more, PM shows the American man how to upgrade his life. Popular MechanicsĀ is where innovation meets inspiration. Every issue includes tons of useful do-it-yourself tips and ideas, car reviews, and the latest tech, space, science news, and more.
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Popular Mechanics QUAKE TRACKER
Watch U.S. earthquakes unfold, just seconds after they occur. QuakeTracker displays data from the United States Geological Survey on an interactive map, using pulsing yellow circles to indicate a quake's magnitude. Tilt the map using a two-finger swipe to see the quake's depth. Zoom in to see more detail.
Popular Mechanics BE THE SPARK
Get inside an engine and test your mechanical samrts and reaction time. In this game from Popluar Mechanics and GameSalad, you trigger the spark that keep pistons pumping.
Popular Mechanics USED CAR CHECKLIST
Before you buy a used car, thoroughly inspect it with the help of this 101-point checklist from the automotive pros at Popular Mechanics. It's fun and easy to use.