Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping
24 million women turn to Good Housekeeping every month! We know how fast-paced your life can be,
and how challenging it is to balance family, home life,
and time for yourself. We're here to help! We offer
easy beauty and anti-aging tips, haircut pictures and ideas, diet plans, expert product reviews, quick,
triple-tested recipes, and much more in every issue. Good Housekeeping is devoted to helping you save time, money, and hassle. And now get your favorite magazine on the go!
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Anti-Aging Beauty Shopper
Good Housekeeping's Anti-Aging Beauty Shopper
This app brings you the latest in anti-aging skin and hair care! A team of editors and researchers rigorously tested 90 skin-care and 73 hair-care products, recruiting 1,300-plus volunteers and conducting more than 5,000 lab tests to find these top performers for you.
Good Housekeeping @Home
Introducing Goodhousekeeing @Home, the magazine’s first-ever iPhone application. Smart solutions for house and home are just a touch away! The same great Good (Enough) Housekeeping advice you count on in the magazine and on is now available for free on your iPhone and iPod touch.